Tour, Tales, and Tall Orders

Well How-De-Do.
It's high time for an update, given all the goings-on that have been going on. In point form, given that we've all got more neat stuff to read, laundry to do, pictures to "like", and dog's ears to scratch.

Photo by Jordan Janisse

Photo by Jordan Janisse

  • Fairweather Album Launch on Jan 17! We're still gushing about that night! Thanks to everyone for coming to the WECC and packing it to the rafters. If you missed out, we've got our scheming conniving little minds set on doing another full band show in Winnipeg in a few months. The band doesn't know this yet. 
  • Lucas went out to a weekend getaway at Florence Lake called "Gentleman's Weekend" before we left on tour. From my exterior observations, GW consists mostly of skiing, fireworks, more food than you could possibly imagine, bonfires, singing loudly in the great outdoors, and a healthy amount of debauchery. 
  • TOUR TOUR TOUR. We had the best time. We drove all around Saskatchewan and Alberta and a little bit in Manitoba. HIGHLIGHT REEL (point form within point form?! Yeah I'm doing it.)
  • Having a picnic in January in Taber Alberta. That’s right. A picnic. With no gloves on. Or hats. To all you Winnipeg people, you know why these seems inconceivable.
  • I almost lost a boot! But I didn’t! Okay, this hardly counts as a highlight, but still. My right Blundstone fell out of the car while loading up in Twin Butte after an awesome show at The General Store (which is a Mexican restaurant in literally the middle of nowhere. Actually, you know where. Twin Butte. Google it.) but we didn’t notice! Until the next morning! So at 6 am before driving to Medicine Hat to play at the marvellous Tongue On The Post Music Fest, we drove to The General Store's parking lot and it was still there! Frozen in the ice! YAY!
  • The pizza place attached to O’Hanlons in Regina! Holy YUM, Batman.
  • Meeting our second cousin in Edmonton! Mitch! Mitch came to the show in Edmonton and sat in the very front with a massive grin on his face - we had no idea who he was but both of us remarked that it seemed like we knew him - and then in between sets he came up and introduced himself as our Dad’s cousin! And we laughed and giggled and told stories said “what a small world” a bunch of times. Our dad has something crazy like 46 first cousins, so this kind of thing is prone to happen.
  • I just realized that everything is getting exclamation marks! That’s because it’s a stinkin’ highlight reel!
  • Staying with Carly Dow and Jesse Matas out near Riding Mountain National Park at their beautiful cozy home for a couple of nights! Aside from the undeniable pleasure of spending time with these two gems, we saw a fox from 3 feet away! Carly takes part in impressive levels of bad-assery, so she has a bin behind her house with about 4 skulls in in. Some of the skulls are fresh, so she’s submerged them in swamp water to let the bacteria and organisms do their decomposing thing. She also wound a heated cable in the bin so that the water doesn’t freeze over. We went to take a look at the bear skull, which inevitable stirred up some funky fresh smell. A while later we looked out the window and a fox was checking out the goods too. He then proceeded to walk up the front porch and stared at the four of us in the door window, and we stared back at him.
  • Is it still point form if you tell long stories anyways?
  • Playing twice at The Ironwood in Calgary! Man we love it there. The sound, the food, the people running the joint, the audience. Can’t wait to go back. There's a review of one of the shows here.
  • All of the people who put us up. Seriously, thanks a million. Thanks for letting us do laundry, and feeding us, and sharing your coffee, and stories, and homes, and generosity. Come stay with us anytime.
  • Discovering CKUA! That radio station is killer, and you can stream it from anywhere! Their programming is just off the hook. Special thanks to Terry David Mulligan for the interview, spinning our tunes, and sending folks out to our shows.
  • Getting stuck in a hysterical fit of laughter on stage at the very end of tour. For about 7 minutes. It was a house concert in Winnipeg, last song, I poured some wine into my lung by accident, Lucas made fun of me, I started laughing, and then I Couldn’t Stop. I kept turning to face the wall behind me, because some of the people in the audience were losing it too, so I obviously couldn’t look at them. We had to start the last song three times because I had tears streaming down my face the first time, and crumpled to the floor laughing the second time. Exhaustion at its finest. 


  • Now I’m getting ready to head out on tour with the magnificent Carly Dow! Lucas will be staying at home to build some more guitars (that's the "Tall Orders" part of this blog title, FYI, git it?) and fix some others, and then he'll be flying out to do a show together in Vancouver at The Railway on March 3. Send yer buddies, it’s going to be a fun one! 
  • We’re already talking about the next album. We’re booking studio time. We’re picking songs. We’ve lost our minds. If you haven’t had a chance to snag “Fairweather” yet and feel like doing so, you can head to the “Store” tab. There's a review of the album here.
  • Eastern touring & festival plans coming soon!

    So Much Love, as always. We're really thrilled that this project is going the way that it is, seeing as we never really expected it to leave the living room. Gratitude and excitement, M.

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