Albums! Trains! Shows!

Well that was a fist-pumpingly spectacular summer, it's a fabulous fall, and it's going to be a wicked winter! Here's a highlight reel in point form, for all you short-of-timers:


  • Winnipeg Folk Festival Young Performers Program with the most amazing mentors EVER, Birds of Chicago. We just love them, you should absolutely check them out.
  • Shine On Festival of Music and Art, the most beautiful conglomeration of humans ever. Madeleine hosted a morning workshop titled "A Rude Awakening". As required, it was very rude. Extra thanks to the outrageous tomfoolery of Ian McIntosh, Murray Jowett and Kitty Gosen. Only a handful of children were scarred for life. 
  • In the personal news, Lucas has been continuing to build guitars with Al Beardsell by day, and working his tail off by night repairing instruments, building a beautiful custom Telecaster, and making significant progress on the Martin OM style guitar that he is crafting for Madeleine. 
  • Madeleine worked her tail off at Manitoba Theatre for Young People, professionally playing pretend with preteens, preschoolers, and her peers. She took her kayak to the rapids a little, but not nearly as much as she would have liked. 

(I'm changing to 1st person now, enough with that "he" "she" "they" crap.)

  • Holy Nelly, we're getting close to being finished recording the album! It's being recorded at Paintbox Recording with Producer/ Engineer Lloyd Peterson (who also happens to be our dad, isn't that fun!?) and we're jumping out of our socks with excitement to have it in your ears. 
  • We're over to moon to have brought two incredibly talented and intuitive musicians on board for the album: Julian Bradford has blessed us with his bass and cello wizardry, and Damon Mitchell has brought more of the drum feels than we could ever hope to dream of. We can't thank them, or the universe, or Santa enough for all that they've done.
  • I  (Madeleine typing here) have started working on the album artwork... perhaps I'll share little snippets here and there, but for now, it remains a SECRET.
  • Lucas won't let me title the album "Dodger", "That", or "Loud and Clear" which I think is hugely unfair, but whatever, I'm over it. Got anything better? Or clever ploys and persuasion techniques to convince him?


  • We're playing at Artists On Board VIA Rail in October! It's going to be the best! We've been taking the train our whole lives to get to our funny little cabin on Lake Florence, built by our great Grandparents, so naturally we've got some songs specifically about that train line that we will CERTAINLY be playing on board.
  • We're going to the Folk Music Ontario Conference and sharing a prairie party room with two of our best buds Carly Dow and Raine Hamilton! Actually, there probably won't be any partying in there, just power sleeping in between showcases and handshaking and new buddies.
  • We're got ideas for an official music video for 13 Crows, and it's just might be a theatrical undertaking. A throwback to when we were 11 in The Wizard of Oz and Lucas played The Doorman and I played The Tin Man. Just kidding, it'll be nothing like that. We'll both have singing parts. 
  • We're hoping to release the album in January, and when the date is set we will be yammering on about it for all the small world to hear/see/read/telepathically receive. 

    Piles of love from the Roger twins, over and out.

PS, All the lovely photos, except the one of the half-built guitar, were taken by Emily Christie out at Shine On Festival of Music and Art. You can find more of her work here.



Roger Roger acknowledges the support of Manitoba Film & Music, FACTOR, Manitoba Music, and Canada Council for the Arts.