We've been up to no good!

It's been a marvellous time here at the Roger Roger headquarters!

On May the 13th we had the pleasure of opening up for Carly Dow's CD Release at Winnipeg's West End Cultural Centre along with The Crooked Brothers for an evening celebrating Carly's beautiful new album "Ingrained".  Unbeknownst to us a stupendous visual storyteller by the name of David Quiring was in the crowd, snapping pictures to later weave into a photo story, which pretty perfectly sums up the whole evening. 

It was our first time playing at the WECC, which we were ULTRA excited about, having been raised in that building by virtue of our parents. Whenever they were going to see a show or playing a gig there they would let us loose on the dance floor, and once we got tired they would line chairs up along the wall for us to sleep on until the show was over. Pretty rad pizzaz of them! Bonus: we're not afraid of the bathrooms there anymore, which used to be sort of beside the stage and loud and leaky and dimly-lit.

We've also started recording our debut album at Paintbox Recording with our dad Lloyd Peterson, with hopes to get it under wraps by the fall. We're having ALL of the fun, fuelled by tea, burritos, cheekiness, mood-lighting, and Hammond-Leslie. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds!

Thanks to everyone who's been coming out to shows and supporting our music, we're really looking forward to having an album to toss around! 

Oodles of love, M.

Roger Roger acknowledges the support of Manitoba Film & Music, FACTOR, Manitoba Music, and Canada Council for the Arts.