Launch, Chocolate Lunches, and Life.

Are you aware of a type of Exploding that happens from Excitement? It's going to happen to us because we're three weeks away from launching "Fairweather". It would be impossible to portray our excitedness with exclamation marks, but it would look something like this: [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(insert infinity symbol here, or that little line on top of the last "!" that people use in math to mean "continues on into theoretical forever")].

In case we haven't already talked your ear off about it, we're going to be having a launch party at the WECC in Winnipeg on January 17 (which is a Sunday) with our dear pals Carly Dow and Jesse Matas opening up the evening. We'll be joined on stage with the magnificent band/humans/groove-masters who played on the album, with Julian Bradford on bass, Damon Mitchell on drums, Alex Campbell on organ, and our dad Lloyd Peterson on his favourite thing ever, the tambourine. We might allow him some shred time on electric guitar, too. 

Our recent and upcoming exploits in point-form, because point-form is good in this day 'n age, or so they say:

- Has been working his patootie off building and fixing guitars. I hear he did some magic witch-doctoring on a headstock that was cracked in half. 
- RIGHT NOW is fitting the neck onto the body of the guitar that he's building for me. I won the brother lottery. 

- Has been working at Manitoba Theatre for Young People for the last two months on the crew of James and the Giant Peach. It's been amazing and colourful and filled with laughing. One thing I've always liked about theatre is how much work and dedication goes into something that eventually disappears. 
- Is going to go into the garage RIGHT AWAY to hot wax all of the family cross-country skis.
- Will be gone for the next three days to her favourite place in the whole world, Florence Lake, to sit by the fire, write, and daydream. 

- Have been making cribbage boards and carved birds and sewing cloth bags and getting art prints made and writing on envelopes for all the beauties who got stuff in the Kickstarter campaign. Soon soon soon, my friends!  
- Are eating just the right amount of holiday chocolate.

After the launch we're headed on a Western Canada Tour, including playing at Tongue On The Post Music Festival, and then we're coming home to play at Festival Du Voyageur, and then I'm headed on tour with Carly Dow to the mountains and the coast! More info on this later. Yahoooooooo!

Snowy piles of fluffy love, 
Madeleine and Lucas. 

PS: Here's the first tune off Fairweather, titled "13 Crows". 

Fairweather album cover.

Fairweather album cover.

Photo by  David Quiring . 

Photo by David Quiring

The guitar that Lucas is building!

The guitar that Lucas is building!

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