Singing in the Big Cheese

Did you ask for an update? Well, yer gittin' one. We're home from Ontario! That flippin' rocked! 
In celebration, here's are some highlights from the letter "T":


Singing on the VIA Rail for the Discovery Channel Film Crew

Singing on the VIA Rail for the Discovery Channel Film Crew

  • We Took the Train from Winnipeg to Toronto! In exchange for a couple of sets a day, we were given passage, a sleeper car, and food. It was Tremendous. The number of beautiful yellowing Tamarack Trees that we saw out of our window was mind-blowing,
  • Uncannily enough, the Discovery Channel happened to be on board too, filming an episode for an upcoming documentary about working trains. The season airs in September of 2016, we'll see if we make it onto the TV, get yer bunny ears out!


  • We have a new music discovery in our lives: We saw Jenny Ritter and her magnificent band perform at The Dakota, and the set was mind-blowingly wonderful. Check out her newest release "Raised By Wolves".
  • We journeyed, nay, explored, nay, galavanted to Peterborough in a little car with piles of groceries and our lifelong twin buddies Emily and George, crammed in like sardines in a stinky tin can to play a house concert. Just kidding, we smelt like Patchouli and Bergamot and Ivory soap. Thanks for having us out there, Gray/Baragar family of GEMS.
  • Special high-fives to Omhouse for playing a decidedly Non-Folk set at the Folk Music Ontario Conference by request at like... eight billion o'clock in the morning.
Showcasing at the FMO Conference

Showcasing at the FMO Conference


  • We were in Toronto on the night of both the election AND the Blue Jays game.  Guess which twin was glued to which TV screen. Go, Not Harper, Go! 


  • We learned through a rambunctious game of Canadian Cheat (like the card game "Cheat" but more vicious and conniving) that some of our friends are rather accomplished at lying. Good thing they make beautiful music, go check out The Slocan Ramblers and Fish & Bird


  • There were no turtles. But hey, anyone need a Halloween costume idea? I'm going as a pineapple, because what else is a gal supposed to do with a yellow trench coat?
  • Turtle the Cat is still alive. Mum and Dad rock for keeping her that way.


  • Thanks for being the way that you are. Thanks for everyone who put us up (Kitty/Brendan/Matt in town, Brett Nelson at the little studio retreat the island).
  • Thanks for staying up too late with us, and sharing meals with us, you beautiful beautiful people. You know who you are. 




  • Aaaannnd the train ride home, my favourite way to travel, except a boat. I wrote a song, a grant application, read part of a book (The Ocean at the End of the Lane, which is so far totally awesome, thanks Jaron Freeman-Fox) made some new friends, and got some sleep. Take that, airplanes.  

Next on the docket: Finish recording the album, figure out what to call it, finish the album artwork...

Onwards and Upwards, Heaps of Love. 


Roger Roger acknowledges the support of Manitoba Film & Music, FACTOR, Manitoba Music, and Canada Council for the Arts.